E.C.F. Photography


Welcome one and all to my website, which is currently getting overhauled even as I write this.  :)  Apologies for the mess!

While I'm getting it fixed up, it might be best to introduce myself:  I am a photographer based in Southeast Michigan, near Ann Arbor.  My primary passion lies in the creation of portraits centered around the female figure.

Or to put it less pretentiously, I shoot naked women.

I've been shooting nudes since 2003, and in 2009 obtained an Associate's Degree of Photography from Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor.  My fascination with nudes stems back to my teenage years living in Europe, when for the first time I saw the graceful, sinuous forms of Rodin's sculptures.  The way they seemed to come to life entranced me almost as much as their physical beauty.  Indeed I sometimes think the main reason why I started having an interest in figure photography was that I'm far too clumsy and impatient to be a sculptor. 

Whether pinup or portrait, to me the nude figure is more than just an form to be studied or ogled; rather it is character, drama made flesh, a living story revealing itself solely through pose, personality and expression.